About us


Who we are

Welcome to STYLIDEAS, the parent company of STYLPRO, STYLFILE and STYLSMILE.

CEO Tom Pellereau has always wanted to invent genius, ever since he was a small boy. After winning the BBC’s The Apprentice in 2011, self-made billionaire Lord Sugar invested £250,000 in Tom’s dream- to make beauty effortless. Now he is all grown up and is the world’s beauty handyman.

What we do

At STYLIDEAS, your daily beauty woes are our problem. Everything we create stems from real people’s issues and is always crafted with love.

We have brands, STYLPRO, STYLFILE, STYLSMILE, which cover beauty care, nail accessories and teeth whitening. We are well known for our STYLPRO Original Brush Cleaner and Dryer, which was born when Tom heard from a Makeup Artist that cleaning makeup brushes is essential to avoid the build-up of bacteria, but drying them is an absolute bore. So, he created the STYLPRO Original, which uses centrifugal technology to remove makeup, dirt, and bacteria on brushes. It also dries them in just 30 seconds so they are ready for use immediately.

Tom & team want to fix the small frustrations in life. When watching his sister file his nails, Tom was baffled at the concept of filing a curved nail with a straight board. Years later the STYLFILE was born, an S-shaped file for curved nails. We make beauty, make sense.

Our promise


Beauty is a part of everyday life and doing things daily can have a large impact on the environment. That is why we have invested in sustainable resources, to introduce reusable beauty products into our beauty regimes. From reusable bamboo makeup remover pads, to bamboo storage, we have invested in a self-regenerating crop that requires a third of the water cotton needs to grow. It is durable and soft, perfect for replacing the 11 billion wet wipes that end up as UK landfill every year. We are constantly looking for the most eco-friendly and efficient materials to create our products.


We have also ensured that our cleansing products are fully Vegan Certified. Beauty should never be a place for cruelty to exist. Being Vegan Certified means that our products do not contain any animal ingredients or animal by-products in their ingredients list or manufacturing process. We are also free of testing on animals. Kindness is key.

As we said, beauty should be easy. Investing in a sustainable future is the simplest option for us and the planet. We will continue to find the kindest and easiest ways to reinvent the world of beauty.


We believe in running with real ideas, and with real people.

We test everything we do in independent labs and through thorough market research. We create machines that test the durability of our products, to prove our claims. We check with consumers first if our products are effective. Your word is our command. We are an authentic business, investing in young creatives and everyone’s ideas. We even have an in-house studio, so that organic ideas have a space to come to life, the minute they arrive.